Albion Borough Forms

Albion Borough All Call Request Form

This system is used to alert customer’s of emergencies, water line breaks, community events and pertinent information. Please click on form below and fill out the information and return to Albion Borough Office 26 Smock Avenue Albion, PA 16401 or email to


Garage Sale Application

There are no fees for Garage Sale Permits. Please fill application out and return to the Albion Borough Office. A permit will be issued once completed application is turned in.


Utilishield Application

Although many customers assume the water service line is the water company’s responsibility they soon find out that it is the homeowner’s responsibility. For just $36.00 a year applied to your water/sewer bill or paid annually with a check protects your water lines.


Standard Right-To-Know Request Form

This form is used to request information about the municipality. Examples would be council minutes, ordinances, budget and other public information.




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